silago®  - the floodgrouting system in nanotechnology

For decades, sewer rehabilitation without digging has been a well known procedure. Solidification of dissolved silicates was described as early as 1926 by the German engineer Dr. Ing. Hugo Joosten. First floodgrouting systems using this principle entered the market more than 20 years ago.

In 2009 silago®  launched a floodgrouting system which results in especially stable and durable silicate packages by application of nano technology.

The composition of “normal” floodgrouting fluids was reformulated under use of nano colloids. The dimensions of these particles are as small as 10 – 30 nano meters, that are 0,00000001 – 0,00000003 m!

The tiny colloids floating in the second component then serve as seed crystal for the silicates.

Floodgrouting  with the silago® nano – system is a perfect method for sealing inaccessible and geometrically complex pipe works. And all that without leaving any residues in the soil.

However, floodgrouting presents one severe disadvantage after all: The packages produced to seal leaks are on the outside of the pipe – hidden in the bedding of the sewer.

Entering a sealed system with a camera is therefore ineffective – the pipe looks exactly the same as before.