Welcome to silago® - floodgrouting system

The experiences of the last 12 – 15 years have clearly proven that sewer rehabilitation by floodgrouting has gained a strong position in the scene.

Meanwhile everybody has realized that pipe renovation has to be sustainable and holistic.

Sewer-systems have to be watertight – not only because of the exfiltrated wastewater which contaminates the groundwater but as well because of the groundwater infiltrating the leaky pipes and flooding our sewage treatment plants.

In nearly every country worldwide national laws regulate the water tightness of underground pipes and sewers. It is only a question of time until everybody feels that tight tubes are a matter of course.

Sealing of leaky systems by silago® – silicate – packages will therefore increase in importance and acceptance.

Qualitatively high and durable sewer renovation by floodgrouting is only possible, when both sides – manufacturer and site manager - successfully combine scientific knowledge and practical knowhow.

We are working every day to fulfill this goal for silago® and partners.

Kind regards from Munich!

Wolfgang F. Windhager